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Do you or a member of your family frequently experience bad breath? Bad breath can be caused by a number of oral maladies, such as poor dental hygiene, medical conditions, and illness. Depending on the cause behind your bad breath, you may benefit from one of the following treatments:

– Breath mints and gum: If you recently ate food, a breath mint or stick of gum could mask strong-smelling food. Sugarless gum can help refresh dry mouths that smell stale from a lack saliva.

– Oral care: When teeth are neglected, they accumulate food particles and bacteria. Brushing and flossing your teeth can rid your mouth of odor-causing bacteria. Mouthwash will remove any remaining bacteria and leave your mouth feeling fresh. When you clean your mouth, be sure to use ADA-approved products and clean all areas of your mouth, including your tongue. If you use dental appliances like dentures or a retainer, make sure they receive a good cleaning as well.

– Treatment: Cleaning alone won’t rid your mouth of bad odors caused by medical conditions. If you suffer from a medical malady like gum disease or dry mouth, you should consult our dentists in Santa Ana, Drs. Thomas Alexander & Eric Cho, about treatment.

If you experience persistent bad breath, ask Drs. Thomas Alexander & Eric Cho for a consultation. A review of your health history and list of medications, as well as an oral exam, will help you determine the cause and cure. For more information, contact MacArthur Family Dental at 714-557-0882.